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Embroidered Floral Taffeta Petite Handbag

Embroidered Floral Taffeta Petite Handbag

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If you're looking for a handbag that's able to suit you for all manner of occasions and is as fashionable as it is convenient, then this Embroidered Floral Taffeta Petite Handbag will suit every role that you need it to. This bag uses high-quality taffeta material, commonly used for the classiest of outfits, such as wedding dresses and prom gowns, with a gorgeous sheen and luxurious feel.

Both beautiful and practical, taffeta also makes for a resilient and reliable material, perfect for a handbag you will want to use every day. It's complete with gorgeous floral patterns scrawled along the side, each bag hand embroidered by skilled craftspeople. With multiple colours available, you can make sure that you choose the look that suits you best, making your mark with your own personal style. 

For the best care and maintenance, hand wash this handbag only with cold water with gentle detergent. Do not wring or twist the garment to avoid damaging the fabric and ruining the shape.

  • Size: 13.5cm x 29cm
  • Material: Taffeta
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Floral hand-embroidered patterning
  • Origin: Vietnam
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