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Embroidered Floral Kiss Lock Coin Purse

Embroidered Floral Kiss Lock Coin Purse

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It's hard to do better than a good kiss lock coin purse for not just your change but all manner of small items you want to take out and about with you, and this Embroidered Floral Kiss Lock Coin Purse lets you do that in lovely style. Made of quality hemp fabric and clasped together with a kiss lock made of bronze, this does the job of securing your belongings just fine while easy soft to the touch and easy to handle.

Aside from being a perfectly practical choice, this coin purse is beautifully designed, too, with intricately carved markings in the bronze close, as well as lovely multi-coloured flowers hand-embroidered into the fabric by skilled craftspeople. You can even choose your own colour of coin purse to best represent your personal tastes and style.

For the best care and maintenance, hand wash this coin purse only with cold water and gentle detergent. This piece is not designed to be machine washed.

  • Size: 13cm x 10cm
  • Floral patterns hand-embroidered by skilled craftspeople
  • Material: Hemp Fabric, Bronze kiss lock
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Origin: Vietnam
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